Platform artwork

After months of hibernation, our community emerges, slowly at first but soon we have repainted our colours and come together for new adventures.
This artwork represents the new moments that we are creating now that we have emerged from ‘hibernation’. The bottom patterns are different experiences that we are now having, but also ones waiting to be experienced. The above ‘river’, is our shared experiences and what ties us altogether.
You could also choose to look at this artwork more literally. The patterns at the bottom represent that lively city that is Naarm (Melbourne) and its landscape. The river is the Yarra (also known as Birrarung) whose waterway that you get to glide over on the zipline and experience from above, like in this design.

About Maddi
Maddi from Chlo & Co Creatives is a Taungurung artist and designer who uses her background in digital graphics to create modern artworks that infuse and contribute to her culture’s identity. Maddi wants her artwork to bring joys to those that see it and nurture love of Country in all. Maddi often creates artworks that can be interpreted in many ways and likes for her audience to take with them the ideas that they see in the artwork.
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