Frequently Asked Questions

Booking Info

Are there still tickets available?

Tickets for are available HERE

Do you sell Gift Vouchers

We would love to offer gift vouchers -Zipping across the Yarra is an amazing (and popular) gift to give. As we're only operating for such a limited time, we can't guarantee that there will be tickets available when the recipient goes to redeem them - last year's event completely sold out!

If you're buying a gift, we recommend making the booking with the recipient named as the ticket holder, and if for some reason the recipient is unavailable at that day/time, we'll do our best to change their booking subject to availability.

How do I book?

Click HERE to be taken to our live booking system. Select the number of participants and the day you’d like to book for. Select a session time and proceed to checkout. Be sure to complete your waiver form ASAP or at least before you arrive on the day.

Can I change my booking/change the name/get a refund?

The tickets for Firefly Zipline are non-refundable. If you are unable to attend, you are welcome to transfer your tickets to someone else. Please contact us at with your order number and the names you would like changed.

As the event is in high demand, there is limited availability for rescheduling. Rescheduling may be possible, depending on the circumstances, with adequate notice, and at Management's discretion. We cannot guarantee that we will be able to reschedule a booking.

What information do I need to provide upon booking?

  • Full names of all participants
  • For the booking contact:
    • email
    • phone number
    • how you heard about Firefly Zipline
    • confirmation that all participants meet the age and weight limits
    • have read the Conditions of Entry and Terms and Conditions

How do I book multiple sessions or days in one transaction?

On the booking page, choose the session and number of tickets you want to purchase. You'll see the option to add to checkout. Your checkout will appear on the right of your screen. You can then choose another day/experience to add to your cart.

I've added too many tickets to my cart!

Return to the main booking screen, and you will see a little red trash can in your checkout next to each type of ticket. Click it for every ticket you want to delete.

How much are tickets?

Children 15 & under - $49 per person; 16+ - $59 per person

Quick Jump - $25 per person, or $15 per person when booking together with a zipline.

Add a 2nd zip on the day for $25 (available only at the Welcome Centre)

How do I get a discounted Quick Jump?

The Quick Jump ticket will be $25, however if you book a Combo, to complete a Quick Jump and a Zipline one after the other, your Quick Jump will be just $15. If there is availability, you can also choose to add a Quick Jump on the day. Please bear in mind, the discount only applies if you are completing both experiences one after the other, without removing your safety gear and leaving the venue.

Do I get a discount if I want to zip again?

Yes, you do! If you love it so much, you want to zip again straight away, you can add on an additional zip for $25 on the day. You must stay harnessed up, and the 2nd zip must occur right after your initial zip to qualify for the discounted rate.

Do I need to sign a waiver?

Yes. When you book online, your booking confirmation will include a link to the waiver for each participant. We ask you where possible to complete your waiver before your booking, so that we can locate it when we check you in. Waivers for U18s will need to be completed by a parent or guardian who is present for the zipline experience.

What age is the experience suitable for?

The Firefly Zipline and Quick Jump can both accommodate flyers from 25kg-120kg. Any flyers under 18 years of age will need to have a parent or guardian present who has signed the waiver on their behalf. Any flyers under 16 will need to have a paying adult accompanying them on the experience or alternatively two supervising adults (one to accompany them to the take-off platform, and one waiting for them at the landing platform).

Can I be harnessed with my child?

The Firefly Zipline experience will be single harness, and therefore we can't harness participants under the minimum weight to someone heavier. Safety is the MOST important thing to us, and that means we have to enforce that each participant is a minimum of 25kg.

Do you take group bookings?

Where there is availability, we'd love to host your group event. If you'd like to book a group of 20 or more, please contact us at

What happens on the day?

Here’s the run down….

  • Arrive for your booking at least 5 minutes before your scheduled time (earlier if you haven’t completed the online waiver before-hand)
  • Check in with our team at the Firefly Zipline office in Fed Square, ensure we have your details, your waiver is complete, secure your belongings and get a wrist band.
  • Proceed to the briefing zone where our team will take you through a safety briefing, with a group of other flyers from your session time.
  • Our team will fit you for safety gear including a harness and helmet
  • Proceed to the take-off tower where one-by one (or two together, if you’re flying as a pair) you’ll be sent off on your zipline experience
  • Our team will help you down at the landing, where you’ll descend the landing platform.
  • Return on foot, over Princes Bridge, to return your safety gear to our team and collect your belongings.
  • We then encourage you to hang around, grab a seat at one of the nearby bars and watch the flyers zipping overhead, grab a bite to eat nearby, and just enjoy the beautiful city of Melbourne coming back to life.

Is it one-way?

Yes. After checking in and being harnessed, you will start your zip at Fed Square. You will then zip from across the Yarra River to Alexandra Gardens. You'll return over the bridge on foot.

I have a wheelchair, can I experience the zipline?

The aim of Firefly Zipline is to be as accessible as possible. We are working with experienced consultants in the accessibility space. Please find the relevant information here. Please email us at if you have any other questions.

Is there a weight limit/ Will I be weighed?

The engineering of our systems is dependant on our set-up being weight compliant, meaning we will need to weigh every flyer. If you don’t want to see the number on the scale, you won’t have to, as long as our team can see it and complete their safety checks, we’re good to go. The weight limit is 25-120kg.

On the Day

How do I get there?

Our take-off platform and check-in area are located just behind Fed Square. Head down the steps at the back of Fed Square toward the river, and you’ll find us directly to your left. Disability access will be via Federation Square. Please indicate when you book if you require disability access and assistance.

TRAIN – The nearest train station is Flinders Street Station. For PT options see

TRAM – The nearest tram stop is the Swanston St/Fed Square stop on line 30, 75 and 70 For PT options see

CAR PARK – There is parking available at Wilson Parking on Flinders St or Russell Street. For pricing see

What can I take with me?

We can’t be responsible for any belongings that go whizzing across the zipline with you, so we don’t allow any personal items to be taken with you across. We will have small lockers (subject to availability) in which you can store any loose items.

You can take your mobile phone with you, but to do so need to have a secure wrist strap. You can purchase one from us on the day

You can take a GoPro if you have a secure wrist strap.

If you wear glasses, and need to wear them over, you do so at your own risk. We recommend bringing a strap to secure them.

What happens if there is bad weather?

The Firefly Zipline will run in just about any weather – we are adventurers! On the rare chance there is electrical storms or excessively high winds and we can not operate, our team will help you to reschedule. In the event of extreme heat, we may need to reschedule your bookings in order to keep you, and our team, safe.

I’m afraid of heights, can I do the zipline or the quick jump?

Absolutely you can! Our team are highly trained, and will take you through a full safety briefing prior to your zip or jump. They will make you feel as comfortable as possible. If you’re unsure, we recommend coming to see the zipline in action first to make a call on whether it is appropriate for you. Where there is availability, you will be able to buy a ticket on the day.

What do I wear?

You must wear closed-in, secure shoes to complete the zipline experience. We also recommend comfortable clothing that can be worn easily in a harness. Nobody likes chaffing, so try to wear pants and sleeves t-shirt length or longer. You will be required to wear a helmet, so please bear that in mind when doing your hair, and we may require long hair to be tied back.

What photography options are available?

You can capture the moment yourself on your phone! We will have specially designed phone grips that you can purchase fon the day, that have a strap to attach to your wrist just in case you drop your phone in excitement. However, you do take your phone at your own risk. There will also be plenty of spots along the river for spectators to take pics for you. If you have a Go-Pro you are welcome to bring it on the zipline with you, however we do require that you have a secure wrist strap, which our team will need to check to ensure it meets our safety requirements. You do however, still take your Go-Pro at your own risk.

What's Involved?

How are you being COVID-19 Safe?

We have a detailed cleaning regime, and our team will be regularly cleaning throughout the day. You are welcome to wear your own hat (or purchase a Firefly Hat!) under your helmet. Hand sanitiser is provided before you get harnessed up, and we will require that you complete the COVID check-in upon arrival

What if I change my mind, or am too scared to complete the zip?

Session times are extremely limited and in high demand. If you have pre-booked and decide not to fly, we are unable to offer you a refund. If you are unsure about whether the experience is for you, we recommend coming to check it out before booking a ticket.

What if I am late for my session?

When you arrive we will need to check you in, check that you have a completed a waiver, give you a safety briefing and get you fitted for a harness. If you arrive in time to complete all of these things, with time before our next session, we will fit you in when we can. If you miss your session time completely, no refund will be offered.

How long does it take?

Flying over the river shouldn’t take too long right? To ensure the most fun, most safe experience possible, there are a few steps we need to undertake before you’re ready to zip. Upon arrival you will be checked in, and our team will ensure you waiver has been completed. You and the other flyers for your session will undergo a safety briefing and be fitted for safety gear. You will then proceed over Princes Bridge to our take-off platform. Upon landing you will need to return your gear to the office and collect your belongings. We recommend allowing at least 45 minutes for the entire experience, or an hour if you are also doing a Quick Jump.